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  • Posted 2 weeks ago

We have several vacant positions for Field Service Technician at the moment, they are located in Sydney, Canberra and Regional NSW. Our client does try to give the Tech an area that would allow him/her no more than 45 minutes travel to his first job from his home address and the same again in the afternoon. Overtime is readily available. Overtime is calculated on a weekly basis not a daily basis not daily meaning anything over 38 normal hours goes into OT, with the first 3 hours being time and a half and double time thereafter.

If for some reason a Tech does travel more than 45 minutes this would be considered working hours.

Hourly rates of pay are worked out on a grading system. An aptitude test would be sat for new employees and then a competency evaluation would be completed by the hiring Manager with the following rates of pay:

L4                            $25.96 per hour gross
L3                            $28.65 per hour gross
L2                            $31.36 per hour gross
L1                            $34.59 per hour gross

This is a fair and just system, Techs are invited to re-sit the test once per year in case they have completed any courses or training throughout the year that would enable them to go up a level.

There is also a $38.50 per week incentive allowance to keep the service van clean. A tool allowance of $14.69 per week.

There is no private use of service van whatsoever.

We are looking for trade qualified Mechanics, as in light vehicle, heavy vehicle, plant mechanics, diesel mechanics. They must be trade qualified. Not trade assistants and not Engineers.

For More information or to apply, contact:
Brooke Jones