Automotive Personnel specialise in the recruitment of experienced Manufacturer & Distributor Executives. Most well credentialed Management / Manufacturer / Distributor / OEM candidates Site Confidentiality as the main reason that they will not send their resume around when they are considering a new role. Many candidates have a wish list on brand, location or career potential for their new role and they entrust us to alert them when a position comes up that satisfies those needs. In many instances candidates are not actively looking for a new role and would hence not be looking or applying for a new role however once they are made aware of a role with career advancement through our database marketing they may wish to be submitted for viewing.

Automotive Personnel Management recruitment consultants have all worked within Management in the Automotive industry as high as Dealer Principal level and we understand that the profile of candidate that will excel in a key Manufacturer or Distributor role whether it be in Sales, Fixed Operations, Analytical, Marketing, Dealer Development or Management roles.

At Automotive Personnel we will not submit a candidate unless we feel, after candidate assessment and background checking, that they are a fit for your business. Automotive Personnel is not and never will be a “If you throw enough mud, some of it will stick” agency. If we don’t have a suitable candidate that we feel would be a 100% fit for the role, we would prefer to pass on the opportunity rather than submit low grade candidates and hope that our clients are desperate enough to settle for one of them. We prise our industry reputation ahead of short term financial benefit and for that reason we are proud to say that we are one of the most trusted brands in Automotive Industry recruitment to date and have become one of the most trusted for confidential Manufacturer & Distributor recruitment.

And we understand the profile of candidate that will excel in a key Manufacturer or Distributor role whether it be in: