It is a fact widely accepted that Sales People can be some of the hard est personnel to get right in a business. Many sales people are short term employees and will leave a business quickly if there is the appearance of more money or less working hours elsewhere. Getting the right sales candidate however can make a huge difference in both attaining targets in both Volume and Gross.

Automotive Personnel Sales recruitment consultants have all worked within the Automotive industry in sales focused roles and understand that the type of candidate that will flourish in a Volume Dealership is very different sometimes to a candidate more suitable to a prestige franchise. At Automotive Personnel we will not submit a candidate unless we feel, after candidate assessment and background checking, that they are a fit for your business.

Automotive Personnel is not and never will be a “If you throw enough mud, some of it will stick agency”. If we don’t have a suitable candidate that we feel would be a 100% fit for the role, we would prefer to pass on the opportunity rather than submit low grade candidates and hope that our clients are desperate enough to settle for one of them. We prise our industry reputation ahead of short term financial benefit and for that reason we are proud to say that we are one of the most trusted brands in Automotive Industry recruitment to

Sales roles that we recruit on a regular basis are